Your Birst LICENSING can do more for you


Take your Birst much further than you thought possible with our solutoins and customizations that allow you to see your data the way you want on the licensing you own.

Agile Dragon Group focuses solely on creating products, services, and processes to make Birst as valuable to your oragnization as possible. 

Birst’s best-in-class cloud-based data warehouse and dashboard already enable businesses to make trusted, smarter decisions, but with Agile Dragon’s solutions, your business will make better decisions faster, and have the flexibility to roll out new insight engines to drive your business forward using your current Birst licensing.

Having trouble supporting your business needs with Birst, give us a try and we promise you or your users will not look at Birst the same.  

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"We used Bill Payne to set up all our sales, AR, AP, and inventory reports in BIRST. We couldn't get BIRST working and waisted way too much time trying to learn it ourselves. Bill set up very usable reports for us at a very minimal price. He's extremely knowledgeable at BIRST. He's an expert and we're not."

– Lisa Scott – Controller
  TUG Member Since – 2021

Agile Dragon Group empowers your business with:

Birst Expertise

Whether it is our embedded visualizations, licensed solution content, training, or mentorship, all of our solutions are driven by more than 75 years of knowledge and experience with Birst, traditional data warehousing, and business intelligence.

Dragon Grid@

Need your visuals to allow your users to better leverage your Birst solutions and data?

We know Birst so well we have built our own and and can custom code and embed your creative visualization using HTML5, CSS, Javascript, D3.js, and SVG files so that your Birst licensing reaches it’s maximum potential.


Agile Dragon can provide ongoing mentoring and support for your team to master this rich and deep analytics platform.

Whether your business needs include networked BI, always-on, OEM, or embedded custom visualizations, we can guide you to the best solution and improve your team’s expertise as well.

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We know Birst because Birst is all we do

By understanding what drives your business and what’s important in your day-to-day, we will design a data analysis system to meet your specific challenges. We are committed to setting your business up for success, now and into the future. 

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