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Looking to get the most out of Birst? Agile Dragon Group can help you customize and optimize your data visualization so you can make better decisions on the licensing you own.

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Dragon Den(SM) is ADG’s community focused on all aspects of Birst knowledge and development as well as IOS and CSD Administation.  Whether it is our free content or our paid training, we are here to support you throughout your Birst journey, from building accessing your first dashboard to building your Birst solutions.


See Your Data the Way You Want

Birst’s cloud-based data warehouse and dashboard are already best-in-class, enabling businesses to make trusted, smarter decisions. But with Agile Dragon’s solutions, your business will make better decisions faster, and have the flexibility to roll out new insight engines using your current Birst licensing.


Make Better Decisions Faster

Agile Dragon Group specializes in creating products and services that make Birst an even more valuable tool for your organization. With Birst’s cloud-based data warehouse and dashboard, you’re already able to make smart, informed decisions. But with Agile Dragon’s solutions, you can make those decisions even faster – and have the flexibility to roll out new insight engines to keep your business moving forward. So don’t wait – let Agile Dragon help you get the most out of your Birst licensing.


Drive Your Business Forward

 Agile Dragon Group specializes in making Birst as valuable to your organization as possible. With their best-in-class cloud-based data warehouse and dashboard, you can make trusted, smarter decisions. But with Agile Dragon’s solutions, you can make better decisions faster and have the flexibility to roll out new insight engines to drive your business forward using your current Birst licensing.

Agile Dragon Group empowers your business with:

Dragon Pack®


You own CloudSuite, which gets you an Infor ERP, Data Lake, and Birst. We have merely worked with the architecture you own to build solutions that address industry-specific needs that fall outside standard Infor Analytical content.

Dragon Grid@


To get the most out of your Birst solutions and data, you need visuals that really pack a punch. That’s where we come in. We know Birst inside and out, and we’re experts at creating custom visualizations using HTML5, CSS, Javascript, D3.js, and SVG files. 


Agile Dragon provides ongoing mentoring and support as well as our Dragon Den to help your team master this powerful analytics platform. We can guide you to the best solution for your business needs, and improve your team’s expertise.

Dragon Pack® Customers

Clients We’ve Served

We recently upgraded to CSD and needed to migrate the last of our more complicated Hyperion reporting over to BIRST. The Agile Dragon Group has helped us fast track this process. We are also now looking at their Dragon Pack solution for our Auditing needs. As a public company auditing and operational reporting are critical to us. If you are looking for help with leveraging BIRST (part of the CSD solution), we highly recommend the Dragon Team.

Mary Loucks, Senior Information Systems Manager

at The Bolt Supply House Ltd.

Infor CloudSuite™ Distribution

“They have been very helpful for us with Birst and the Audit tool they have is great! Definitely better than using DataLake with AllVariations to find out who did something. Recommended for anyone that has compliance requirements.”

Mark McCorkle, IT Director

at Headwater Companies

Infor CloudSuite™ Distribution

“The Auditing capabilities alone make Dragon Pack® a no-brainer for any CSD customer. The ability to see who makes critical changes and who has the rights will help us in a tone of areas of our business.”

Josh Serwe, Director of Operations

at Anchor Paper

Infor CloudSuite™ Distribution

“Dragon Pack® – Audit brings back simplicity to what became a complicated process to query the Data Lake.”

Tom Clark, Operations Manager

at Goodin Company

Infor CloudSuite™ Distribution

“When we moved to CSD, we moved 300+ users and no easy way to see who has what permissions. Through ADG’s Audit solution, we can now see all of our users and their permissions in a single Birst report. With so many users changing roles, it took a lot of work to keep up and see what permissions everyone has. Having the changed by Name not just their user id is a game changer, I will be using this daily, and it would be helpful to anyone with more than a handful of users. And I must confess the install was super easy and took way less time than I thought it would! The ADG team was super helpful with that and they have a great support page (Dragon Den) that can help answer questions anyone may have. And not just about their solution but about Birst in general!”


Thomas Guess, Lead Tech Support Specialist

at Keyston Bros.

Infor CloudSuite™ Distribution

“We did end up going with ADG and have moved over from Infor Reporting to the Dragon Pack® in Birst. Bill’s group was super easy to work with and will build any custom reports and requirements you are needing, along with some really good training resources. We have gained a lot of visibility and functionality by going through this process.”


Nathan Douglas, CFO
at Terry-Durin Company

Infor CloudSuite™ Distribution

“Our implementation partner told us Birst did not work, so we ended up on a 3rd party solution, which was good but required us to go through the company for development. Since meeting Agile Dragon Group, we have learned that Birst can do anything we ask and that even the version standard in CSD comes with all the tools we need to build and maintain our reports.”


Brent Diver, Partner
at Ranger Distribution Inc.

Infor CSD

“When it came to Birst, it felt like we were paying our implementation partner to learn the platform. It was useless to us, so we gave up. When we found and partnered with Agile Dragon Group, they installed their Dragon Pack®, and opened up an incredibly powerful world of data that was originally promised by our partner, but never delivered. Now we have all the data desired for our operational reporting across Sales, Inventory, Purchasing, and AR. We have become self-sufficient in less than two weeks of consulting. They know Infor Birst, they know CSD, and they modified Birst to how we run our business. I cannot recommend them highly enough.”


Paul Von Goedert, President
at JLA Supply, Inc.

Infor CSD

“Where our implementation partner had limited expertise in Birst, ADG brought the requisite knowledge of both Birst AND the underlying M3 data to develop almost as fast as our business could formulate requirements.”


Joe Ariaudo, Vice President Of Technology at Scholl’s Wellness Company

Infor M3

“The Agile Dragon team has been a pleasure to work with during the Birst implementation. From the onset of the project, we knew that the Agile Dragon team was the right partner for us – they are organized, knowledgeable, responsive, and do what they say they are going to do. Their project management skills are some of the best that we’ve experienced. Each week we receive a detailed update from the Agile Dragon team highlighting the milestones that have been completed, the next steps in the process, and the action items that need to be completed prior to the next project update. In summary, we are very pleased with the Agile Dragon team so far and look forward to continuing to work with them going forward.”


Adam Grimes, CFO at Watchfire Signes LLC.

Infor Syteline

“We were weeks from life on CSD and met ADG at the TUG conference last year. On the first day of the project, ADG copied and loaded one of their Birst solutions, and then collaborated with our controller to get the critical reporting we needed to run our business on within days of go-live. Since then, we have integrated several new business requirements, and today we are working with ADG to retire F9 and have already succeeded in balancing our Trial Balance to the penny.”


Nick Garcia, IT Support Services, Director at KMS, Inc.

Infor CSD

TUG Member Since – 2021

We know Birst because Birst is all we do

By understanding what drives your business and what’s important in your day-to-day, we will design a data analysis system to meet your specific challenges. We are committed to setting your business up for success, now and into the future.